Introduction Onsoku Electronic Corp.

Onsoku Electronic Corporation was established in April 2002 in Tokyo as a unique manufacturer of acoustic measuring instruments.
We are highly-sophisticated specialists who are committed to developing and selling a hardware and software to meet the sound-related needs of our customers, using technology that is based on our deep knowledge and experience from 37 years in the field of acoustics.
Although digital technology has made leaps in a variety of growing segments, analog technology still plays a critical role in the audio products, for example in microphones as the input of sound and loudspeakers as the output of sound. In the field of microphones and loudspeakers, measurements of these electro-acoustic transducers demand specialized know-how that integrates both electrical and acoustic measurement. This is our specialty and we will continue to develop and support all the related products in this field.
Quality and pleasant sounds give us comfort and joy and enrich our daily life. We are very proud of our contribution to the reproduction of quality and beautiful sounds.
Onsoku will continue to develop customer satisfaction by concentrating our design and development on superior products.