OST-727 Cone paper Fo measuring instrument

Product Summary

Model OST-727 is a measuring instrument which measures displacement of a cone paper excited by a drive speaker with a displacement sensor, and sets frequency at the displacement peak value to Fo according to direct method. This equipment judges a cone paper to be pass or no pass about Fo frequency by setting of an upper – lower allowance.

Product specifications

Frequency Range
10Hz to 10000Hz
Frequency Resolution
2048 points of logarithm(between start frequency and stop frequency)
Accuracy of Frequency
Within 0.1%
Within 3%
Output Voltage
0.100 V~4.000 V (0.001V step).
Constant voltage drive (impedance of the drive speaker 4Ω or more)
Output Voltage Accuracy
±(3%+0.02 V)
Sweep Frequency Range
±2 times of the allowance or manual setting
Sensor Input
Sensor Input Range
Sensor Input range is set to any among 3 ranges (1 time, 5 times and 25 times) automatically.
Sensor Locative-calls Voltage
±5 VDC
Measuring Time
Approx. 4s
Measurement Accuracy
±(3%+1 Hz) at Q = 1.6 or more
Measurement Result Output
Serial number, Fo (measured value), Judgment (Go, Lo, Hi)
Judgment Allowance Setup
Centering Frequency 10 Hz~10000 Hz (0.1Hz step)
Upper and Lower Limit Allowance Setup
±1 Hz~20000 Hz (0.1 Hz step)
Output items
Setting conditions (Product number, Lot, Measurement date, Temperature and relative humidity, Memorandum, Centering Fo, Upper and lower limit allowance), The number of measurement,
Average value, Maximum value, Minimum value, R (max.-min.), Standard deviation, Cp, Cpk, Histogram, The number and rate of “GO (pass)”, The number(Lo, Hi, Total) and rate of “NG (no pass)”

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