OAE-262 IEC60711 Ear simulator coupler


Product Summary

This unit is occluded-ear simulator for the measurement of earphones coupled to the ear by means of ear inserts.
This ear simulator is designed to comply with IEC-60318-4 (IEC60711) standard.

This unit incorporates the OMC-58, 1/2-inch sound pressure type condenser microphone.
Preamplifier is an option.

Product specifications

Standard :IEC-60318-4 (IEC60711)

Model :Microphone Model OMC-58(sound pressure)
:Ear simulator coupler Model OAE-260(OMC-58 included)
:Optional unit L type preamplifiers(Model AP-1263)

Preamplifiers(Model OAE-260P)

Frequency response :20-10kHz

Capacity :1.28cm3 +-0.03cm3

Sound pres. Sensitivity :-38db/Pa 12.6mV(With preamplifiers)

Microphone dimensions :1/2inch dia.13.2 X 12.6

Coupler dimensions :dia.23.77 X 23 (Projection 20)

Impedance measuring range :30-150db

L type preamplifiers dimensions :Model AP-1263 24(W) X 15(H) X 100(D) Optional unit

Preamplifiers dimensions:110.4(W) X 59(H) Optional unit

The connector currently used :Tajimi Type PRC03-12A10-7M
(Microphone voltage +200V, Preamplifiers voltage +28V)