OG-636 Programmable tone burst oscillator

Product Summary

The OG-636 is a programmable oscillator which tests audio devices and equipments using tone burst signal. Number of ON-wave and OFF-wave, burst repeat count, wave type (sine wave or rectangular wave) and frequency can be selected.

Product specifications

*Selection of an output : Burst(ON/OFF) or continuity
*Number which can be set up to burst ON/OFF waves : ON wave 1 to 9999 / OFF wave 1 to 9999
*Output signal control : Burst repeat count 1 to 9999999 (When outputting continuously, it is set as 0)
*Internal oscillator : 20Hz to 2000Hz, 1Hz steps setting, choose between sine wave and rectangular wave
*ON/OFF wave level ratio : More than 50dB (at 1kHz sine wave 2Vrms)
*Output voltage : 2Vrms fixation
*Output impedance : 50ohm +-10%, minimum load resistance is 1kohm, BNC connector

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