OAT-706 Automatic audio tester

Product Summary

Model OAT-706 is audio tester which can measure a speaker and the characteristic of the microphone. This model measure a characteristic with a microphone automatically in audio frequency band.

Product specifications

Measurement item

Impedance characteristic
Fo measurement
Q measurement (Electricity Q, Mechanical Q, Synthesis Q)
Frequency response [F1 (an angle of 0°) , F2 (an angle of 30°), F3 (an angle of 60°)]
Distortion characteristic (Second to tenth and total harmonic distortion)


F1(0°in an axis) frequency response
F2 angle (Example : an angle of 90°) frequency response
F3 angle (Example : an angle of 180°) frequency response
F1-F2 frequency response
F1-F3 frequency response
F1-F2 five points of frequency sensitivity difference
F1-F3 five points of frequency sensitivity difference

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