ODR-639 Load test data logger


This model measure a voltage, current and electricity of audio signal input to the speaker during load testing and record up to 100h.

The effective value and peak value of the entire recorded data can be displayed, and the audio signal can be played back is synchronization with the recorded waveform.

・Synchronized playback of recorded waveform and audio signals and frequency analysis (arbitrary setting from 1/3, 1/6, 1/12oct.) are also possible.

・The effective value and peak value of the area specified by drag and drop can be displayed.

・This model can search, sort by any voltage, current, or power condition, and find the time.

・This model can save bookmarks (tagging) and comments at any time and search for them.

Optional accessories

・ODR-639 exclusive viewer software ODR-639V

Can open a file recorded in an environment without the ODR-639 control unit, dedicated software that can perform frequency analysis and various analyses.

・6ch voice coil temperature meter unit AP-1639

AP-1639 is simultaneously records temperature changes of the speaker unit and voice coil during operation of 6channnels when used in combination with ODR-639.