OAT-900 Audio Tester

Product Summary

OAT-900 system is audio tester generating a signal and measuring the captured the signal by digital processing.
This system consists of Windows PC and an equipment measuring the signal by USB interface.
It is possible for this system to save the captured data and also to manage the data with CSV format on the PC.
In addition, this system can also save respondent graphic data of test result with JPEG format.

Product specifications

Target product;

Stereo headphone
Stereo headsets
Micro loudspeaker (1 or 2 unit(s))

Measuring items;

Frequency response
Polarity judgment
L / R channel reverse connection
Dist frequency response
Rub and Buzz measurement
F0 measurement

Frequency range : 20Hz to 20kHz
Sweep time : 0.5S to 10S
Drive signal : Sine wave(log sweep)

Product Specifations PDF Downlod