OT-1018 Loudspeaker Running Test System

・This timer is loudspeaker running test (load test) timer system.
・A load test of 8 loudspeakers can be performed for 1 unit. Up to 6 unit (48 loudspeakers) can be added.
・7 type of signal source can be selected for each loudspeaker. (Please prepare the signal source and power amplifier separately.)
・The following items can be set from the control PC.
Timer display, set time
Signal ON/OFF setting
Stop interval time (grace period for discontinuing speaker drive)
Loudspeaker drive voltage
Break (voice coil disconnection) upper and lower limit current values
※Setting information can be saved and recalled with any name
・The operating status can be confirmed from the control PC.
・BTL output power amplifier can also be used.