Microphone amplifier / Power amplifier

OAT-594 Condenser Microphone Amplifier

The OAT-594 is a preamplifier for two different types of microphones – standard condenser type (1/4″, 1/2″ and 1″) or 1/2″ electret condenser type.
A selector switch is provided inside the unit and it is set to the position specified by the customer at the time of shipment from factory.

 OPA-460 Audio Power Amplifier

This audio power amplifier provides high-power output into a low impedance speaker. It delivers 150 W into a load of 1 to 8 Ω.
It includes a true RMS output voltmeter.
An output short-circuit protector protects the output circuit from accidental shorting. The output circuit is automatically reset approx. 1 second after short-circuit detection.
This unit has the forced cooling fan and the feature protected from overheating so that you can use it safely.