OMT-405 5ch Voice coil temperature meter

Product summary

This equipment measures the voice coil temperature of at most 5 loudspeakers.Signal source corresponds to all kinds of signals in the reach of the 20kHz from 20Hz(sine wave, white noise, pink noise, standard load test noise and music source).
A measurement item indicates a chart and the value to time between the temperature and the input voltage.


Channel; 5
Measurement temperature range; 40℃~400℃
Environmental temperature; -40℃~100℃
Speaker DC resistance range; 1.5Ω~40Ω(at 20℃)
Material of voice coil; copper or aluminum
Maximum input voltage; 120Vp-p (Signal peak (instantaneous maximum voltage) must not exceed 120Vp-p.)
Response selector; 2 positions to change low-pass cut off frequency
Power requirements; AC100,110,120,200,210,220,230,240V±10%(Voltage can be specified at the shipment.)50/60Hz
Power consumption; Approx. 50VA
Dimensions; 350(W)×120(H)×310(D)mm
Weight; Approx.6.8kg